156 LGBT Elected Officials Call On President-elect to Support Equality During His Presidency

Today I along with 155 other LGBT Elected officials sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump asking that he be a president for all Americans and unite our country under the values of inclusiveness and respect for all.  During the campaign President-Elect voiced his support for the LGBT equality,  but I along  with my fellow elected officials along Victory Institute are deeply concerned with the recent cabinet appointees and there vocal anti-LGBT views towards our community.  We are a country that must  continue to move forward towards true equality for all regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.  Over the last few years we have seen Marriage Equality become the law of the land, federal contractors can no longer discriminate against LGBT  job applicants or employees, our U.S. Department has made us the world leaders in advancing global LGBT equality worldwide,  our LGBT brothers and sisters are allowed to serve in our military out and proud and more than 300 openly LGBT individuals were appointed to positions in the federal government over the past eight years.  We will not stand by and watch all the work that we have accomplished be destroyed by  anti-LGBT positions held by the incoming administrations appointees and we will demand that Trump administration stand by it’s promises to be pro-equality.

Please consider taking a moment to read the letter and share it with the hashtag #OurPower.  We want to ensure that the President-elect hears that we are a united voice that demands equality.  I urge you to get involved in our community and when you see injustice speak out, fight back, be heard and get into action.  I’m proud to be on the right side of history and to be fighting for true equality because it is the moral and righteous thing to do for the health and prosperity of our nation.