Bill on nonprofit salaries faces early 2013 vote

Measure would require more transparency on executive pay at publicly funded organizations By Matthew Walberg, Chicago Tribune reporter 7:04 PM CST, December 24, 2012 A bill that would require greater transparency on how much executives at publicly funded nonprofit organizations are paid is expected to be voted on by House lawmakers early next year. The […]

Department on Aging’s approach sought to protect homebound disabled adults

By GEORGE PAWLACZYK AND BETH HUNDSDORFER — News-Democrat                                     The Illinois Department on Aging will be asked to help carry out reforms to protect disabled adults who live at home and investigate when they are neglected or abused, according to a proposal announced Friday by Gov. Pat Quinn. And Quinn named Michael McCotter, a former […]

Bill seeks greater transparency of nonprofits’ pay data

By Matthew Walberg, Chicago Tribune reporter October 26, 2012 Newly proposed legislation would close a loophole that allows publicly funded nonprofits to shield financial arrangements their executives have with private management companies. Under the proposed amendment to the state’s procurement code, charities must disclose all “ownership interests, operating agreements, partnerships or other relationships” they have […]

Quinn wants new agency to protect homebound disabled adults

By GEORGE PAWLACZYK AND BETH HUNDSDORFER — News-Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed a new state agency — the Adult Protective Services Unit — to replace the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Human Services, which has failed to investigate many cases of abuse and neglect that led to the deaths of […]

Nonprofits that use private management firms to pay executives can shield compensation from the public

The Illinois Department of Human Services has notified nonprofits that they must now disclose salaries and benefits of executives paid through private companies By Matthew Walberg, Chicago Tribune reporter August 2, 2012As the head of an Illinois nonprofit that provides care and job training to the disabled and elderly, James Starnes was required to report […]

Committee Will Review Role of State Agency at Center of Investigation

By GEORGE PAWLACZYK AND BETH HUNDSDORFER — News-Democrat A legislative committee that oversees the Illinois Department of Human Services will meet this month to hear testimony concerning the failure of a state agency to investigate the deaths of at least 53 disabled adults. The House Human Services Committee will meet at 11 a.m. on July […]

Inspector General Resigns: Governor Promises to Strengthen Protections for Disabled People

By GEORGE PAWLACZYK AND BETH HUNDSDORFER — News-Democrat The head of a state agency set up to protect disabled adults has resigned after the News-Democrat reported that the agency did not investigate the deaths of people who were neglected or abused. William M. Davis, the inspector general for the Department of Human Services, offered his […]

Hearing examines allegations of misconduct at DCFS

By Associated Press   An attorney for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn faced blistering questioning by legislators Friday on why the governor didn’t quickly fire the head of the state’s child agency last year after a report of fraudulent billing under his watch. At a hearing in Chicago, Rep. Jack Franks called it “cowardice” on the […]

State investigators say DCFS contract fraud could be worse than known

From the Chicago Tribune Political Reporter Monique Garcia 7:45 p.m. CST, January 27, 2012 State ethics investigators say they may never know the full extent of an alleged contracting scheme that they say cost taxpayers at least $18 million and led to last year’s resignation of the head of the Illinois Department of Children and […]

Reps. Harris and Franks to Probe Fraud and Waste

Quinn took 4 months to remove child-welfare chief By CHRISTOPHER WILLS Associated Press12:50 p.m. CST, November 15, 2011 SPRINGFIELD, Ill.— Gov. Pat Quinn took four months to remove his director of child welfare after being told state inspectors believed the man had turned a blind eye while a friend ripped off state government, and Quinn […]