Legislative Update



Buy Made in Illinois and Made in America – HB 137/HB 138

I recently voted yes on two bills that will put needed investments into Illinois Jobs.  HB 137 and HB 138 direct the Illinois state government to buy more goods manufactured in Illinois.  Buying goods here in our state will create jobs and support local businesses.


Tax Incentive for Companies to Keep Jobs in the State – HB 3538

We should be using our tax dollars towards creating jobs here in Illinois and invest in companies that choose to stay in Illinois.  We should cut tax breaks for companies that move out of Illinois.  That is why I voted for HB 3538, because I feel it is good public policy to give us another tool to compete against other states trying to lure away Illinois jobs.


Tax Dollars towards Pro-Women Companies & Equal pay for Equal Work – HB 3539/HB 2462

I voted for HB 3539 because it would require companies to prove they are paying women and men equally if they want to do business with the State of Illinois.  This is just one step in closing the wage gap among men and women in Illinois.


Women today are still not being treated equally in the workplace, and are only making 79 cents for every dollar that a man makes.  I voted yes for HB 2462 which will decrease employer’s opportunities to not pay woman equally for the same amount of work that men do by restricting discriminatory compensation practices.


Protecting Women’s Reproductive Health – HB 40

I believe that women should make important medical decisions about their bodies between their doctors, loved ones and NOT politicians in Washington or Springfield.  This is why I voted yes on HB40, which would repeal the dangerous “trigger” provision that would send Illinois back to the pre- Roe v. Wade illegal abortion days and would guarantee women here in Illinois would still be able to receive the right to choose whether she has private or government health insurance.


Responsibly Lowering the Cost of Workers Compensation – HB 2525

We need real reforms to help small and medium sized employers save money without causing harm to the middle-class families in Illinois.  We should not be adding to the pockets of large corporations by following the Governors demands that will jeopardize economic security of workers hurt on the job through no fault of their own.  HB 2525 will require insurance companies to pass savings from workers’ compensation reform enacted in the state on to Illinois businesses by giving the Department of Insurance authority to review insurance rates before they become active to make sure they are not excessive.


Putting Working Families Ahead of Insurance Companies – HB 2624/HB 2959

I voted for HB 2624 which helps protect families in Illinois from Insurance companies gouging families with unnecessarily high premium increases by creating an independent Health Insurance Rate Review Board.


I also voted for HB 2959 which will protect millions of Illinoisans living with life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease from being denied insurance based on their pre-existing condition.  As the debate rages on in Washington we in Illinois must do everything we can to insure that insurance companies shall not discriminate against the sick and elderly by denying them coverage.



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