Medicaid overhaul deal worth a record $5.26B

Documents reveal consulting firm’s role By: Mark Maxwell  Posted: Nov 17, 2017 12:08 AM CST Updated: Nov 17, 2017 09:37 AM CST ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Mere days after the state paid down roughly forty percent of its backlog of overdue bills, the Rauner administration finalized the largest vendor contract in state history. The six-year, $5.26 billion deal is split between seven healthcare […]

Illinois Moving To Kill Credit Freeze Fees

llinois lawmakers are working to end the $10 fee for freezing consumer credit data. It comes months after Equifax, Inc. exposed the sensitive personal information of tens of millions of Americans.  The cost to freeze credit is $10. Add another $10 to unfreeze it, like if you want to apply for a car loan. And […]

EDITORIAL: You shouldn’t have to pay for Equifax’s credit hacking mess

Sun-Times Editorial Board If your house was looted after the cleaning service accidentally left it unlocked, you wouldn’t let the cleaning service bill you for filling out a police report. Similarly, credit bureaus shouldn’t be allowed to bill people who request that their personal credit information not be disclosed.  Tens of thousands of nervous Americans […]

Lincoln Square Rallies to Support Gay Couples Affected by Hate Graffiti

by Liz Baudler 2017-10-01 About 150 community members, many families with young children gathered Oct. 1 to protest against hate graffiti spray painted in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago’s Northwest Side.Community members met at Waters Elementary School, 4540 N. Campbell Ave., in front of a map of the Lincoln Square area. They were there […]

All Are Welcome Here Unity Rally

Over the last couple of months multiple residents in our Lincoln Square neighborhood have been the victims of hate crimes and vandalism to their property.   Just this weekend not one but two Lincoln Square couples had their “Black Lives Matter” and “Hate Has No Home Here” signs vandalized overnight. “Anti-white cuck” was additionally painted on […]

Massive Equifax data breach prompts outrage, investigations, bills to ban credit freeze fees

Lauren Zumbach Contact Reporter  Chicago Tribune Equifax is scrambling to contain the fallout from the disclosure that a massive data breach compromised the sensitive personal data of as many as 143 million consumers, leaving them at risk of identity theft. In the days since Equifax announced the hack, outraged consumers reported struggling to determine whether they’d been […]

Urgent Property Tax Sale and Legislative Updates

Rep. Greg Harris • 13th District Springfield Update • August 31, 2017   Urgent Property Tax Sale and Legislative Updates   When property taxes are not paid by the deadline, a series of legal steps are initiated that eventually results in people’s homes and properties being auctioned off to the highest bidder willing to pay […]

Bills on birth certificates and LGBT “panic” defense signed in Illinois

From Equality Illinois and ACLU: CHICAGO — Legislative sponsors, Equality Illinois and ACLU of Illinois celebrated the signing of House Bill 1785 today, modernizing the Illinois Vital Records Act and allowing transgender and intersex individuals to change the gender marker on their birth certificates without undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Illinois now joins 14 additional states, […]

School Funding Reform

    One of the most important issues that the General Assembly dealt with this year was a plan to reform and modernize the system by which the state distributes billions of dollars per year to local school districts.  New funding formulas were created to consider per-pupil spending levels taking into account many factors including […]

Illinois Balanced Budget Details 

   Yesterday, the House overrode the total veto of the Governor and passed the first balanced budget for Illinois in 3 years.  This was despite of the continual efforts of Gov. Rauner, his cronies and their dark money Super-PACs from trying to derail all progress in the House and Senate to reach agreement.  The volume […]